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Welcome to my New music page...

I designed this page mainly for the purpose of  promoting my music online, but
also to show a little about the amazing world of Secondlife and how it allows
me to perform Live Music Concerts, instantaneously to people all over the world...

Where I currently live there are not a lot of opportunities to perform live and after
discovering the wonderful world of Secondlife (SL), I find great satisfaction in the
concerts I perform. Some better than any Real Life ones.

Audiences in SL are wonderfully attentive and appreciative. A truly great factor
of the SL experience is the instant communication between artists and audience.

When someone says something in the room, it doesn't matter if they are sitting in
or dancing in a dark corner, I see what they say...  Instant feedback.
People all  over the world in one room together enjoying Live Music...
The Atmosphere is something to be experienced!
Jaggpro McCann is my online character who delivers my SL Live Shows while I
sit at home Performing and Streaming my music to the world with HiFi quality.
Check out my YouTube videos. They tell the whole story.
This Site is still under construction so drop back sometime         Rob

Rob Fisher
Jaggpro McCann           
        Getting Live Online

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