Jaggpro McCann

Virtual 3D World, Live Musician Avatar



It's 3:40pm USA Pacific Time. Jaggpro
is sending his last notice for his show.
Now, what to wear?

"Hmmm?" He thinks to himself as he scans his inventory wardrobe for a suitable shirt, "Click! Worn...".   A new buccaneer shirt he picked up for 50 Linden Dollars.
He attaches (wears) his guitar and teleports off to the venue.
The venue is quite crowded and the lag is rather heavy as he makes his way to the front to prepare to take his place on stage. There is an artist on stage coming to the end of his set, then the voice on the microphone.
"Thank you all, next up is Jaggpro McCann!  Dropping the stream in...3..2..1........."

Jagg makes his move onto the stage... lines himself up behind the mic, resizes the mic stand, drops his tip case onto the stage, takes his guitar in his arms, starts up his audio stream, starts the animations....... and the show begins!


It's real, it's live and it's amazing!  30 plus avatars of all descriptions, dancing.  Scripted sound clips, hoot, cheer and applaud!  Flashing dance floors, fog, laser lights, pyrotechnics, you name it! A Secondlife (SL) Live Music Show can have it all.
Behind the mic is a real Life (RL) person using all their musical skill and computer skills to entertain a group of RL people sitting at computers from all corners of the world. They are there for the music and all the social life that one might expect in any similar RL situation.

There are many people in this world who don't have the opportunity to get out and enjoy music concerts or a cabaret, or even a quiet folk club, but SL brings it to their homes, offering dozens of shows a day/night of all different styles of music and expertise.
This music is supplied by artists who want to expand their listening audience and promote their own original material, some who like to improve their personal income, and some who just want an audience to play to.

I guess Jaggpro fits into all those slots, but like most of the residents in SL he enjoys the building and creating, the exploring, and the beauty of a world that often offers a lot more than RL.
Strangely though, after performing 5 shows in one day and doing all the things that one needs to do, I often wonder if there is much difference between SL and RL. The timetables, the obligations, the chores and the paperwork.... "Sigh" but once I have an audience... it's worth every minute... every byte!
At the end of the day...  I go home to my little island with my sweet partner Tippsy. We share some quiet moments, then we put on our favourite wolf avatars and go out into the grid to explore our wonderful second life.....

For those who are interested, the name Jaggpro stands for "Just A Good Guy Productions"

The word Avatar comes the ancient Greek and it was their dream character they most wanted to be... nowdays it's much the same...  You can create your dream avatar in SL and make it totally unique.

To stream means to send an audio stream across the network... This is done by an encoder which turns a live wave file into MP3 format and supplies it through a Server to whoever logs into it. This can deliver live music in Hi Fi Quality. There is a delay up to 30 seconds as the encoder does its job but from the listeners end this is not apparent.

Scripts -  SL has it's very own programming language which is Open Source and the Code Literate are able to create their own scripts to make things happen in SL. Most of SL has developed from the input and creativity of its users.

The links below should answer most questions one might have about SL, but the true knowledge is gained from experience.

SL is an Experience....