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Not a whole lot to know about me.   Born in Outback Australia

Learnt guitar when I was 10 and have been playing ever since...
Played in a few dozen bands over the years. Dedicated bands, Session bands, Stand-in, Sit-in, Sleep-in Bands... the usual.
I play Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Bass Rythm Lead and working on my Slide. As well I play Harmonica (Blues/Folk), Mandolin and currently learning to be an adequate Drummer.
I've had a few brushes with fame, but unfortunately it has always arrived just after I left...  
Music, to me is an essence of life. Just as we need food and water for our bodies, we need sustinance for our minds and souls..  Music does that for everyone in some degree.
Music has been a major part of my life from a very early age and rarely a day goes by when my guitar is not in my hands...

I am a Songwriter... I write words and create music to enhance them, not always in that order, and all too often without any actual ambition to write a song.  I am often caught in a situation where I have this hooky little melody in my brain and a single line of words that fit perfectly... so it's a matter of creating a story or a message or something topical and suddenly I have a new song. When the urge hits I like to go with the flow and let it keep growing until it is finished... if not, as many times before,  I leave it until the next day and the whole vibe and meaning of what I was trying to do vanishes. I can no longer find the mood that set the wheels in motion and I put in on the shelf. 99% of the time the song is never completed.
I find the hardest songs to write are the ones that have a meaning or message that is very strong in me... Nothing I write is fitting or good enough and I will stew on it until the frustration forces me to walk away from it and yep, put it on the shelf.
In the process of writing a song I also create in my mind the finished musical product.  The bass line comes to me...the drum fills... the harmonies... this has not been a blessing for me as it is the main reason, after writing songs for over 35yrs,  playing a lot of music in a lot of bands, producing other peoples works for them, that I have never recorded a full studio production of me, performing one of my songs. Add to this the fact that for most of my musician life I didn't think I could sing very well.
But...  I still wrote.
It's only in recent years that I have discovered that I can sing. Not to any wonderful standard that might win competitions or win praise from critics on my virtuosity, but I can put a song across and people do stop and listen.
So my ambitions have changed... maybe a little late in life as many have said to me as they scoffed my idea of progressing with my life long dream of being a successful performing artist.   A dream I have always lived with and many times it has been that dream that has shaped my life... So no, I am not going to stop dreaming now... 

                                                                          Rob Fisher

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